Resolution 1. Increasing your sales: Dear customer, thanks for coming, we hope to see you soon.

Resolution 1. Increasing your sales: Dear customer, thanks for coming, we hope to see you soon. 3 Jan 2018 admin

There is no doubt that there is a bit of a crisis since Brexit became real. These summer holidays were much more expensive than usual after the value of the pound went down, and British People and Londoners are being cautious.

No wonder that many restaurants reckon that their sales this year are 8-12 % lower than 2016. So it’s everyone’s New Year’s Resolution to increase sales.

And one of the best ways of increasing sales is to make customers go back to your restaurant.

Many actions can be taken in this respect; provide entertainment, use Social Media to engage with your customers, keep customer profiles with your booking systems such as Open Table, Design my night and others, ask for customer feedback and act on it, hand gifts to customers, loyalty programmes, treat repeat customers like VIPS, etc

However, in my opinion, the best way of getting customers back is focusing on FOOD and SERVICE.

I used to live in South East London, and there is this restaurant I used to go to every single week, sometimes even twice a week. They don’t have any of these promotions in place but they have a very regular and loyal clientele.

What do they do then? Their food is always very tasty and consistent, portioning and flavour are always the same, they don’t mess up with your expectations, every meal is exactly the same and it’s just great.

What about service? They have a massive turnover of staff, but they have a manager that cares, he is constantly checking on every customer, he makes us feel at home and have seen him turn a difficult situation into a happy customer more than once.

So first tip of the year, make sure your food is tasty , good and consistent. Same goes for the service, train your staff to care about customers and their needs and make them feel welcome. Your customers will definitely come back.

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