About Us Pendulo:

Pendulo was created by restaurant people for restaurant people.

In 2016 I was working as a financial controller for Ceviche & Andina Group. One of my main duties was to train chefs and managers to understand the numbers of our company. Many of my friends are chefs, some are my favourite people in the world, but wow, they really hate numbers. And spreadsheets!
I realised chefs didn’t like spreadsheets, but they all had the latest smartphone to follow #foodporn on Instagram.


I had the thought. ‘What if I build something that is really easy for chefs to use on their phones, and I make finances easy for them?’

Photos: Marion Laurin
Photos: Marion Laurin

That’s how Pendulo was born, with just an idea.

When the beta version was ready, some of those same friends helped me test the app. We improved how it worked and added new features based on their feedback. Our first customers started using the app. We listen to what they want, and we make improvements — but only when the suggestion does not compromise the simplicity of the system.

I want to help independent restaurants, pubs and cafes because they gave me a family when I first moved to London, and I believe that small operators have a great impact on the local economy and their communities.

Hospitality is a tough business and I am on a mission to make things easy for owners and the management team

We also offer one-on-one CONSULTING to help you get all of your operations running at peak capacity. 

Financial deep-dives

Find the leaks that are keeping your profits way lower than they should be

Menu engineering

See where your menu might be working against you and engineer your menu the right way.

Operations consulting

Find ways to work smarter, not harder — and actually find some time for yourself.

Onsite training

We’ll help your staff understand how to increase profits and control costs.

Ongoing coaching and support

Have somewhere to turn when you’re feeling blocked and need support.

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Lupins owners

What Pendulo customers are saying


Pendulo has helped us as hands on business owners to train staff in the small monetary changes that can make or break a business, enabling us to be able to spend more time on driving business and marketing our brand.

The Pendulo team has been a great support to us and continues to be. They make sure you get enough training on the app and are always at hand to give you guidance where you may need it. We couldn’t recommend it highly enough!



Lucy Pedder & Natasha Cooke
Owners, Lupins restaurant