We make restaurants more profitable with just a picture

Running a great restaurant is about way more than creating and serving great food. Controlling costs is a vital part of the job.

Pendulo is a cost management system that’s designed to make finances easy for independent restaurants and hospitality businesses. Track your margins, keep your costs under control, and know you’re profitable — at a glance. Take a picture of your invoices, upload them and we’ll show you all the data

Why Pendulo?

Get your admin done anywhere

Pendulo gives you the flexibility to get your admin done from the floor — or anywhere else you might be. You or your team can input your numbers in seconds, right from your smartphones.

Start tracking. Watch your profits rise

Keep track of purchases and invoices, track sales patterns, margins, average spend and monitor wastage — all in one place. See your profit margins at a glance – daily, weekly and monthly – so you can take action (or celebrate!).

Customized set-up

We know that spending hours staring at a screen is exactly what you’re trying to avoid, so we’re here to help you set everything up. Schedule a free set-up and walk through, and we’ll get you on track in just 30 minutes.

Getting started with Pendulo is super easy.

What Pendulo customers are saying


I introduced the Pendulo App into all 3 of my pubs and it has had a swift and emphatic impact. Pendulo allows my teams to enter revenue and invoices on a daily basis and thus control the gross profit in real time. It’s easy to use and inexpensive to run. It’s a confirmed fixture in all of my kitchens.



Paul Merrett
Chef-director, The Jolly Fine Pub Group, London

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