Food and soft drinks VAT rates and changes in hospitality

Food and soft drinks VAT rates and changes in hospitality

On 8 July 2020, the government announced that it would introduce a temporary 5% reduced rate of VAT for certain hospitality supplies such as food and non-alcoholic beverages sold for on-premises consumption in restaurants, cafes and pubs and hot takeaway food and non-alcoholic beverages.

This cut in the VAT rate from the standard rate of 20% took effect from 15 July 2020 to 31 March 2021. As announced in the 2021 budget, the government decided to:

  • extend the temporary reduced rate of VAT of 5% until 30 September 2021
  • prepare for a new rate of 12.5% from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022


So what is the impact of this on your menu? Let’s see it with an example.

Imagine we sell a Beef Carpaccio on our menu

Cost of the dish is £3.02

Dish prices (and therefore their margins) are affected by the VAT.

Price of the dish including VAT is £13

Net price with 5% VAT would be £13/1.05 = £12.38

Net price with 12.5% VAT would be £13/1.125 = £11.55

Net price with 20% VAT would be £13/1.20 = £10.83


Profit we make with 5% VAT per dish would be 12.38 – 3.02 = £9.36

Profit we make with 12.5% VAT per dish would be 11.55 – 3.02 = £8.53

Profit we make with 20% VAT per dish would be 10.83 – 3.02 = £7.81


So there will be a difference in our profit from the 1st of October in the sale of 1 dish of £0.83

And from 1st of April of 2022 the difference would be £1.55

Now let’s see how it would affect the whole menu:


If this is our menu and we sell one of each dish, the gross sales would be £124.40 but our margin for 5% VAT would be £93.65, for 12.5% VAT £85.75 and for 20% VAT our profit would be £78.84

From the 1st of October, if you make £18000 in food and non-alcoholic drinks sales per week and you don’t adjust your prices, you would be making an average of 1.49% less profit. On a weekly basis that would be £268.20 less of profit with the same sales.

Of course, depending on your sales mix you would have a bigger or lower impact.

Dish prices and therefore, their margins are affected by the VAT changes, so make sure you take it into account when working on your menu engineering.

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