Welcome to Pendulo. Our Profit and HR Master tools help independent restaurants, pubs and cafes maximise profits and get yourself organised, leaving you free to manage your business the way you've always wanted to.

Profit Master

  • Work out your profit margins with a few clicks
  • Record weekly stock takes and negotiate new deals with suppliers
  • Create your own database of invoices and payments
  • Keep track of your wastage

HR Master

  • Work out your labour costs quickly
  • Track staff holidays, absences and illnesses easily
  • Create straightforward weekly rotas
  • Celebrate staff birthdays and book in important dates such as appraisals


  • 30 day free trial
  • Monthly or yearly signup options
  • No installation costs or hidden extras
  • More free time for you and your team!

We love helping independent restaurants, pubs and cafes succeed

Pendulo's online software is designed to give small businesses the helping hand they need, including:

  • Support getting set up
  • 30 day free trial
  • Log in online anytime, anywhere from smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Simple, easy to use technology
  • No installs. Doesn't rely on existing systems
  • Reports, rotas and more delivered straight to your inbox

Pendulo is the force that pushes you forwards, and we love helping small businesses succeed

Pendulo Application